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Use Cli to operate Hadoop Unit

Hadoop-unit can be used with common tools such as:

Zookeeper command

./ -server localhost:22010

HDFS command

hdfs dfs -ls hdfs://localhost:20112/

For windows user, you could have some issue like -classpath is not known. The cause of these errors are because your JAVA_HOME has space into. If your JAVA_HOME is linked to C:\Program File\Java\... then declared it as C:\Progra~1\Java\...

Kafka-console command

kafka-console-consumer --zookeeper localhost:22010 --topic topic

Ksql command

./ksql http://localhost:8083

HBase Shell

hbase shell

Hive Shell


Hive beeline

For linux/MacOS user only

!connect jdbc:hive2://localhost:20103 user password

Cassandra Shell

./cqlsh localhost 13433

Alluxio Shell

./alluxio fs ls <path>

Pulsar Shell

./pulsar-client --url pulsar://localhost:22022/ consume -s subscriptionName topic
./pulsar-client --url pulsar://localhost:22022/ produce -m message topic